Rights & Permissions

Rights & Permissions

Boyds Mills Press offers a rich archive of high-quality, fiction and non-fiction content available for licensing.  Boyds Mills Press publishes a diverse portfolio of fiction and non-fiction. Calkins Creek focuses solely on American history and is a valuable resource for biographies and historical content. WordSong is the only children’s imprint dedicated to poetry. 


Advantages of Licensing Boyds Mills Press Content:

  • Scope and breadth of content. Pre-K-Grade 8, Fiction, Non-Fiction.
  • Trade book division of the trusted Highlights legacy and brand ensures highest quality, award-winning content.
  • Fulfills authentic text call and easily correlates to standards.
  • All content is discoverable in our simply and easy-to-use DAMS (thousands with Lexiles).
  • Flexible and custom licensing models. We also offer volume discounts.
  • Quick turnaround time on requests. Transactional requests answered in 2-3 days.
  • Hi-Res files available in multiple formats.
  • Minor edits for educational uses, like annotating, creating a Cloze reading passage, and adjustments for reading level are usually approved without review. Rewrites are considerations on a case-by-case basis.

To Request Permission:

All requests for permission must be in writing and may be sent via email.

General permissions requests should be sent to: permissions@bmkbooks.com 


To ensure that your permission request is processed as quickly as possible, please be sure to enclosed all necessary information:


Your Details:

  • Requestor Name
  • Request Organization, Title, and Contact info.
  • Publisher Name and Address
  • Product/Title Name
  • Product/Title Publication Date or Release Date
  • Term
  • Each Format and their corresponding quantities (If usage is electronic, note whether the material will be password-protected or not)
  • Territory
  • Language
  • Any additional rights needed, such audio, custom editions, etc.

Our Details:

  • Author/Artist
  • Publication Date
  • Publication Name
  • Page numbers
  • ISBN
  • Whether request is for Text or Text and Art

Note: If requesting an excerpt or any changes to the original material, provide a marked-up copy of the proposed edits for consideration