BEDTIME FOR BEASTIES is monstrous fun for young readers who can’t get to sleep!

Honesdale, Pennsylvania, December 2018: Discover BEDTIME FOR BEASTIES, a funny, imaginative, and ultimately empowering bedtime book ideal for any child who has trouble going to sleep.  This picture book written by Leslie Staub and illustrated by Jia Liu will be published by Boyds Mills Press in February 2019.

In the story, the plucky main character—a young girl—finds herself in a nightmare filled with snarling “beasties.”  But by her side is a little T-Rex named Ben, a stuffed animal who comes to life in her dreams. When she realizes that she’s in the middle of a bad dream, the girl’s problem solving and quick thinking allow her to take control of the nightmare. She turns the tables on the beasties, asserting that SHE is the boss—and directs the ultimately harmless monsters in a silly movie before reading them a story and tucking them in so they can all—finally—get a decent night’s sleep.

Kirkus Reviews praised the book, saying: “In a surreal dreamscape filled with colorful monsters, a child’s initial fright turns to whimsy upon realizing they are in control of their own destiny. . . in rhyming couplets, the story turns fanciful as the child starts to boss the monsters around. Staub. . . plays with language, delaying the rhyme with a page turn or pre-empting an obvious rhyme with a surprise word. Illustrator Liu’s digital art looks hand-drawn, with a childlike sense of play that conveys the humor.”


Boyds Mills Press · Written by Leslie Staub · Illustrated by Jia Liu · February 12, 2019 · 978-1-59078-930-9 · $17.95 U.S./$23.95 CAN · Picture book · Ages 4–8 · Grades PreK–3 · ·


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