Twelve Days in May: Freedom Ride 1961

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 “Superb… (a)n essential addition to public and middle school libraries...” – VOYA

A Freedom Ride for Justice That Changed History is explored in TWELVE DAYS IN MAY: Freedom Ride 1961

Honesdale, Pennsylvania October 2017 – The first Freedom Ride unfolds in riveting and well-researched detail in TWELVE DAYS IN MAY: Freedom Ride 1961, written by Larry Dane Brimner, a Sibert Honor recipient and author of many award-winning civil rights titles.  The book will be published by Calkins Creek, an imprint of Highlights, this month.

On May 4, 1961, a group of thirteen black and white civil rights activists launched the Freedom Ride, aiming to challenge the practice of segregation on buses and at bus terminal facilities in the South. The Ride would last twelve days. Despite the fact that segregation on buses crossing state lines was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1946, and segregation in interstate transportation facilities was ruled unconstitutional in 1960, these rulings were routinely ignored in the South. The thirteen Freedom Riders intended to test the laws and draw attention to the lack of enforcement with their peaceful protest. As the Riders traveled deeper into the South, they encountered increasing violence and opposition. Author Brimner relies on archival documents and rarely seen images to tell this compelling story of the little-known first days of the Freedom Ride.

In a starred review, School Library Journal says, * “An engaging and accessible account…  a straightforward narrative approach to the subject that will appeal to readers...(a)n essential part of civil rights collections and a worthy addition to all nonfiction shelves.”

And in another starred review, Booklist raves: * "(A) tightly focused, present-tense account of what happened during the May 1961 Freedom Rides… (a) memorable presentation of inherently dramatic and historically significant events.”


TWELVE DAYS IN MAY: Freedom Ride 1961 * Calkins Creek * Written by Larry Dane Brimner * October 2017 * 978-1-62979-586-7 * $17.95 US * $23.50 CAN  * e-book 978-1-62979-917-9 * Includes archival documents, rarely seen images, an author’s note, source notes, bibliography, and index * *

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