“Space boy Niko's third rip-roaring adventure is ready for takeoff…” – Kirkus Reviews

Honesdale, Pennsylvania August 2017 – Boyds Mills Press, an imprint of Highlights, is delighted to announce the October 2017 publication of SPACE BOY AND THE SNOW MONSTER.  lllustrated in comic-book style by Robert Neubecker and featuring easy-to-read text by Dian Curtis Regan, this packed-with-humor picture book – the third in the Space Boy series -- is both a thrilling adventure and a celebration of the power of pretend play.

Niko and his trusty dog, Tag, blast off on another outer-space adventure, when suddenly Niko’s robot copilot is captured by a snow monster (who looks an awful lot like Niko’s annoying sister, Posh). When they reach Planet Ice, Tag is captured by the snow monster as well, leaving Niko to save them both. But even a killer bunny and an army of snowmen can’t deter Niko, who frees his crew to race back to Planet Home, just in time for cocoa.

“(The) impassioned play-by-play narrative flawlessly mimics that of kids boisterously immersed in dramatic worldbuilding,” says Kirkus Reviews. “Regan's minichapters and short, exclamatory sentences sustain the escalating tension, while Neubecker's wacky illustrations augment the humor by orchestrating action shots counter to Niko's script. Each detail-packed frame energetically propels the story forward with chuckle-inducing results. Cardboard boxes and duct tape are sure to turn up missing in many a household as spaceships roar into screen-free adventures.”


Boyds Mills Press * Written by Dian Curtis Regan * October 10, 2017 * 978-1-59078-957-5 * $17.95 U.S./$23.50 CAN * Picture book * Ages 3 - 7 * Grades PreK - 2 * * 

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