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4 to 8
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9" x 9"
Boyds Mills Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-62979-578-2
Full-color illustrations

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About the Book


Cy is a Cyclops who knows how to make just about anything—except a friend. So Cy practices friend-making skills and then sets off. When beaming confidence, making eye contact, and winking don’t work, he comes up with another plan. Knowing that it’s nice to share, he builds a chariot for two—for himself and his friend-to-be. Sure enough, Cy’s chariot catches the eye of a phoenix, Sunny, who’s always longed to fly. She offers a set of wings, and Cy and his new friend take off together. Funny and satisfying, this is a tale that celebrates being yourself and following your dreams.


“Even mythological creatures can be shy…(and) Cy would like friends…as Stephens writes in her…plainspoken narrative. Cy decides that a good way to make friends is to…share. (With) Subisak’s playful artwork…the lesson in generosity never goes wrong. A tale of encouragement and gumption.” Kirkus Reviews    

“This well-written, gentle tale with its colorful illustrations…will be a hit with shy kids…A sweet and funny look at dealing with social issues that will resonate with timid children.” School Library Journal  

“Doubling as introduction to mythological creatures, the theme of this book is how to make friends. The story follows a creative, but friendless cyclops as he figures out how to make friends. The text is easy to read…for early readers. The illustrations…are colorful and active…making the book a good one in a friendship or mythology unit. Recommended” School Library Connection

Meet the Author

Ann Marie Stephens

Ann Marie Stephens is the author of Scuba Dog and has published original teaching ideas in the magazines The Mailbox and Scholastic Teacher and in the book Kwame Alexander’s Page-to-Stage Writing Workshop. As an elementary school teacher, she’s loved sharing the thrill of writing with her students for more than 20 years. She lives in Fairfax, Virginia. Visit her blog at

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Meet the Illustrator

Tracy Subisak

Tracy Subisak studied industrial design at the University of Cincinnati. She has design experience in everything from soft goods to consumer electronics. Cy Makes a Friend is her first picture book. She lives in Portland, Oregon. Visit

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