Fantastic Farm Machines

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4 to 8
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9" x 10.5"
Boyds Mills Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-59078-271-2

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About the Book


The day-to-day business of growing and harvesting crops for food is brought to dramatic life in this Nebraska Children's Agriculture Book of the Year as children see farmers and their machinery hard at work. Farmers lifted and hauled, cut and chopped, plowed and planted, waters and mowed by hand or with horses and simple equipment--until the first tractor appeared. Now there are tractors with eight wheels and tires big enough to stand in, skid steers with buckets for lifting, and sprayers that look like huge prehistoric birds, as well as many other modern computerized farming machines. Here's a look at farm machinery in the modern age.


"Children who love tractors and other big machines will think this book is fantastic." --School Library Journal

"Writing in an invitingly personal way ('Today our family uses all kinds of machines to help us farm'), Peterson escorts viewers from one field to the next, while Lundquist shows what each behemoth does. . . . Eye-catching." --Booklist

Meet the Photographer

David R. Lundquist

David Lundquist is the photographer of Fantastic Farm Machines and Clarabelle: Making Milk and So Much More. His work has won numerous national awards and international recognition. Mr. Lundquist lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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