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7" x 10"
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ISBN-13: 978-1-59078-252-1

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About the Book


Why do people laugh? Why can some people roll their tongues but others can't? How will future astronauts deal with the strains of long trips through space? When you swing a bat at a baseball, why can't you "keep your eye on the ball?" These and other explorations in this book cover some of the most fascinating questions about our bodies. Jack Myers also explains some of the health threats of our time, such as sunburn, smoking, and loud sounds.


"Consistently attentive to the interest of his intended audience, Myers is one of the most engaging science writers around; here he's in top form, and rare is the reader who will be able to resist his invitation to see what makes us, and the world, tick. (bibliography)" --Kirkus Reviews

Meet the Author

Jack Myers

Jack Myers, Ph.D., (1913-2006) was the senior science editor of Highlights for Children, the nation's largest-circulation magazine for young readers.

He was recruited for the job in the late 1950s by his parents, Highlights Founders Dr. Gary Cleveland Myers and Caroline Clark Myers. For more than forty years, he delighted curious kids with his answers to their science questions and with his many articles about true science discoveries.

In addition to his role at Highlights, Jack Myers was a scientist at the University of Texas at Austin, where at the time of his death, he was professor emeritus of zoology. He was a member of the National Academy of Sciences.

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Meet the Illustrator

John Rice

John Rice is a wildlife artist and is the illustrator of How Dogs Came from Wolves, On the Trail of the Komodo Dragon, On Top of Mount Everest, and What Happened to the Mammoths?

He lives in Mount Kisco, New York.

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