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ISBN-13: 978-1-93242-559-8

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About the Book


Timid Markus Simonsen wants to learn to be himself in this USBBY Outstanding International Book. He is afraid of almost everything. But when he writes fan mail to famous people, he becomes somebody else: a blind widow bound to a wheelchair who longs for an autograph of a famous novelist, or a young sportsman whose career was destroyed by doping. One day Markus writes to the famous actress Diana Mortensen, pretending to be a sensitive millionaire who is able to understand the drawbacks of fame. When she responds, Markus is drawn into a humorous adventure that requires him to invent still more stories. In the end Markus realizes that he wants to experience something more difficult: he wants to be himself.


"Quirky and humorous." --Kirkus Reviews

"The author's sense of comedic timing and vibrant depiction of characters prove effective in conveying the lighter side of middle-school angst." --Publishers Weekly

Meet the Author

Klaus Hagerup

is a Norwegian stage director and dramatist. He has made a name for himself during the past decade as a writer of award-winning books for children and young people. Two of his books have been made into films. Five of his novels feature the unpredictable Markus Simonsen; the series has gained enormous popularity
both within and outside Norway, where
Mr. Hagerup resides.

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