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6 to 10
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6.25" x 8.25"
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ISBN-13: 978-1-93242-580-2

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About the Book


An unexpected visitor makes Christmas special for a little boy. While performing a trial run for Santa Claus—the reindeer are far too dainty and aloof for such risky business—Mr. Moose goes off course and crashes through the roof of Billy Wagner's house, injuring his leg. There's nothing to do but to stay there until he recovers, regaling the family with stories until Father Christmas comes to get him. Billy's fascination with Mr. Moose lifts the little boy's spirits as he faces a new year with hope. This perennial best-seller in Germany will bring Christmas cheer to all readers.


“Attractive overall design and . . . appealing . . . sophisticated cartoon-like illustrations.” --Kirkus Reviews

Meet the Author

Andreas Steinhöfel

Andreas was still a student of English and media studies at Marburg when his first stories were published. Since then he has written many children's novels and television scripts and has translated many books into German. Currently, An Elk Dropped In is a feature movie playing theatres in Germany. Andreas lives in Berlin, Germany.

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Meet the Illustrator

Kerstin Meyer

Kerstin studied illustration at the School of Art in Hamburg and collaborated on trick films while attending art school. She has illustrated numerous books. Kerstin lives in Hamburg, Germany.

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