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5 to 7
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10" x 11"
Boyds Mills Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-59078-274-3

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About the Book


A warm, poignant story of a young boy who learns the craft of kite making--and the art of patience--from his loving grandfather. In the Korean custom, Grandfather practices the ancient craft of kite making. "Tonight I will show you how to make a kite," he tells his grandson, Jinho. "For the best winds will be here soon." Grandfather teaches him how to trace the kite on paper, paint it, and build the frame from bamboo sticks. When the kite is completed, it's so beautiful Jinho can't wait to fly it. And he does—without Grandfather, and without the best winds.


"Neilan's expressive, acrylic paintings set just the right tone for Williams' thoughtful text, and her technique of swirling a broad paint brush over each picture to add texture allows children to 'see' the winds. A great choice for spring story hours." --School Library Journal

"A beautifully illustrated story. . . . Would easily fit into an elementary or middle school unit on Korea, genealogy or family heritage, kites or analogies." --Library Media Connection

Meet the Author

Laura Williams

Laura was born in Korea and lived in Belgium and Hawaii as a child.

A former high school English teacher, she credits her reading as a child for her intense desire to write for children today.

She lives in Hartford, Connecticut.

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