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7 to 9
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10" x 9"
Boyds Mills Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-62979-321-4
Full-color illustrations
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About the Book


This latest installment in the popular Strange and Wonderful series introduces readers to spider species from all over the world—from the common garden spider to the elusive black widow. Pringle’s comprehensive, lively, and informative text includes an overview of the many thousands of species in the world and describes spiders’ habitats, physiology, mating habits, web-making, what and how they eat, and how they protect themselves from predators. It also explores why people are so frightened by spiders and shows that those fears are largely unfounded. Accompanied by Meryl Henderson’s beautiful and illuminating paintings, this book perfectly hits the mark for budding entomologists. Includes a glossary, index, and further resources.


“(T)his guide to spiders has something for everyone. Pringle addresses the common fear of these creatures…offering the reassuring viewpoint that people who take an interest in spiders will find them more fascinating than frightening…. precise, detailed pictures of spiders illustrate the text with precision. One of the most interesting and informative books in Pringle and Henderson’s consistently fine Strange and Wonderful series, here’s an excellent choice for science collections.” -Booklist  

“A well-crafted book full of realistic illustrations and lively scientific text that tackles the sometimes misunderstood spider. Written in a friendly conversational style…(m)ost notable about the work is the harmonious relationship between text and image…(a)n excellent STEM resource for school and public libraries.” - School Library Journal  

Meet the Author

Laurence Pringle

Laurence Pringle has written more than one hundred books for children and teenagers, including the Strange and Wonderful series and the Secret Life series, among other award-winning science titles. Internationally, his books have sold more than three million copies.

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Meet the Illustrator

Meryl Henderson

Meryl Henderson has illustrated a number of books for children and she is a regular contributor to Highlights® magazine. Visit

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