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5 to 7
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10" x 8"
Boyds Mills Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-59078-874-5
Full-color photographs
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One snake can be as long as a city bus—that's big! Another snake is as little as an earthworm. How does it help one snake to be big? How does it help another snake to be little? In Snakes Biggest! Littlest! readers will learn how a snake's size is important to stay alive. Dramatic photos from around the globe show the features that make snakes unusual. Every snake has parts—like fangs or special scales—that allow it to live in its specific place in the world, and now readers can see them up close. As readers slither into the world of snakes, they will come to understand the power of these remarkable creatures.


"Should find a ready audience of vicarious thrill-seekers." --Kirkus Reviews

"A marvelous way to teach young children how snakes depend on their special body features . . . . This title has all the components of good nonfiction - interesting topic and content, good layout, and beautiful photographs." --Library Media Connection

Meet the Author

Sandra Markle

Sandra Markle has written more than seventy nonfiction books about science for children. She has won more than thirty awards for her work. In addition to her books, Ms. Markle has developed science specials for television as well as Internet-based educational programs. She lives in New Zealand.

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