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6 to 9
1 to 4
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9" x 9"
Boyds Mills Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-62979-260-6
Full-color illustrations
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About the Book


This gorgeous and lyrical picture book from renowned science author Laurence Pringle and debut illustrator Kate Garchinsky follows a year in the life of a red fox named Vixen as she finds food, hunts, escapes threats, finds a mate, and raises her kits—all the way to the day that she and her mate watch their kits head off to lead their own secret lives. Stunning, realistic illustrations celebrate the beauty of these mysterious creatures as readers learn important facts through an engaging and fascinating story. The book also includes back matter with more in-depth information, a glossary, and further resources.

Meet the Author

Laurence Pringle

Laurence Pringle has written more than one hundred books for children, including the Strange and Wonderful series and The Secret Life of the Woolly Bear Caterpillar, among other award-winning science titles. Internationally, his books have sold more than three million copies. He lives in West Nyack, New York.

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Meet the Illustrator

Kate Garchinsky

Kate Garchinsky illustrates and writes children's books in her studio deep in the woodlands near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her debut picture book, The Secret Life of the Red Fox, written by acclaimed wildlife author, Laurence Pringle, received a starred review from School Library Journal. Kate Garchinsky received a grant from the Don & Virginia Eckelberry Endowment at the Academy of Natural Sciences, where she has been researching and illustrating extinction stories about North American birds such as the Passenger Pigeon and the Carolina Parakeet. Kate is the author and illustrator of the San Francisco Ballet's Nutcracker Storybook App. She lives with her husband Brian, cats Spencer and Julia, and her one-eyed beagle, Maggie May. Get to know her more at

"When I am with nature, I lose my worries and I find the real me." —K.G.


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