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Journey to frog heaven. If you're walking in the woods, you can tell that winter is changing into spring by the riot of sound that fills the air. The quacking, piping, and creaking that you hear are the sounds of frogs singing their love songs. Follow those sounds and they may lead you to a vernal pool. A vernal pool is a special pond that's just right for frogs, salamanders, and other animals. The ecology of the pool is special, too. That's what makes it frog heaven. With fascinating facts and stunning photographs, Doug Wechsler takes young readers to a vernal pool in a forest to show how wood frogs, tree frogs, salamanders, and other creatures survive and thrive in this Society of School Librarians International Honor Book.


"Older elementary students and middle school students will appreciate the treasures of information available in this short book. . . . An exceptional addition to the juvenile science collection for public libraries and schools alike." --Library Media Connection

* "Handsome. . . . This well-focused book will open readers' eyes to an ecological feature they may have seen without recognizing." --Booklist, starred review

"Attractive and informative, this will be welcomed by young naturalists and their teachers." --Kirkus Reviews

Meet the Author

Doug Wechsler

Doug is a wildlife photographer, ornithologist, and director of VIREO (Visual Resources for Ornithology) at The Academy of Natural Sciences.

He lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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