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About the Book


What would it be like to live sixty feet below the ocean waves? Author Ken Mallory and photographer Brian Skerry found out. They spent a week in the Aquarius underwater laboratory on a coral reef off the Florida Keys. They lived in cramped quarters. They went scuba diving every day—to study the fish of the reef and to use the underwater outhouse. They slept in bunks with the constant crackle of snapping shrimp coming through the shell of their underwater home. Skerry's photographs from the pages of National Geographic Magazine capture the stunning sights of a strange undersea habitat in this winner of the John Burroughs Nature Books for Young Readers Award.


"Most children know what an astronaut is, but an aquanaut? Not so common. . . . This book intrigues. (introduction, further reading, glossary, index)." Kirkus Reviews

"Young people intrigued by marine biology will want to join Mallory and Skerry on this journey beneath the sea." Booklist

"A rather nifty look at scientists busily at work on interesting projects, all the while living like human hermit crabs in a shell-type lab."School Library Journal

Meet the Author

Kenneth Mallory

Kenneth Mallory is the former Editor-in-Chief of Publishing Programs at Boston’s New England Aquarium. He took part in two different Aquarius missions.

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