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Boyds Mills Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-59078-588-1
Full-color photographs

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Stunning photos and expert text reveal the secret lives of salt marshes. Along the coasts, where ocean tides mix salt water with fresh water, nature has created salt marshes—soggy places full of natural wonders. For years, salt marshes were maligned, drained, or filled in. Now salt marshes are valued as the home of fascinating wildlife, including more than twenty different species of birds. Ornithologist and photographer Doug Wechsler takes the reader on a down-and-muddy tour of the year-round activity in these wonderlands. Young readers will marvel at the strange and skillful birds and unusual vegetation, beautifully adapted to live and thrive in salt marshes. Kids will appreciate what has taken so long for us to learn: salt marshes are delicate wetlands, well worth defending.


"Stunning photos. . . . Backmatter includes an explanation of tides, a glossary (even though words are defined within the text), suggested readings and websites and an index. A solid introduction to the complexity and interconnectedness of life in a single habitat." Kirkus Reviews

"Many excellent, color photos illustrate this clearly written presentation on salt marshes." Booklist

Meet the Author

Doug Wechsler

Doug is a wildlife photographer, ornithologist, and director of VIREO (Visual Resources for Ornithology) at The Academy of Natural Sciences.

He lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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