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5 to 9
K to 4
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10" x 8.5"
ISBN-13: 978-1-62979-204-0
Full-color illustrations

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About the Book


Award-winning poet David L. Harrison takes a humorous look at the perennially kid-friendly topic of bugs in this unique poetry collection about an entire school just for creepy crawlies. Termites, stinkbugs, gnats, and more insects galore attend the Crawly School for Bugs, where a mosquito nurse always wants to draw blood, noisy crickets take classes in “How to Be Annoying,” and the Golden Rule is “never eat a friend at school.” Julie Bayless’s delightful illustrations hilariously portray these buzzy students and provide the perfect match for the clever, funny poems. Here is a winning combination for poetry fans and bug enthusiasts alike.


“Twenty lighthearted poems imagine the goings-on at insect school. Graceful and humorous, these short poems allude to typical behaviors. With deftly constructed rhyme and rhythm patterns, lively language, and alliteration, his poems have immediate appeal. They're splendidly matched by whimsical cartoons that reward a second look. A cheerful way to make a connection with the natural world.” – Kirkus Reviews

Meet the Author

David L. Harrison

David L. Harrison is the recipient of many prestigious awards for his work, including the Christopher Award. Among his ninety original books are Bugs: Poems about Creeping Things and Pirates, both NCTE Notable Poetry Books. He lives in Springfield, Missouri. Visit

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Meet the Illustrator

Julie Bayless

Julie Bayless is the author and illustrator of Roar! She graduated from San Jose State University with a BFA in Animation/Illustration and is a member of the Society of Children's Writers and Illustrators. She lives in Hayward, California. Visit

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