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Boyds Mills Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-62979-597-3

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On the tiny South Pacific island of Saipan, thirteen-year-old Joseph and his half-Japanese cousin Kento practice to become warriors like their ancestors. But in the final months of World War II, their paradise island becomes the stage for one of the bloodiest battles in the Pacific war between America and Japan. Joseph and Kento’s loyalties are tested and they discover, within themselves, what it means to become true warriors.

Meet the Author

Nancy Bo Flood

Nancy Bo Flood is a counselor, teacher, and parent. She has conducted workshops on child abuse, learning disabilities, play therapy, and creative writing. Ms. Flood has lived in Malawi, Hawaii, Japan, and Saipan, where Warriors takes place. She lives on the Navajo Nation Reservation, near Flagstaff, Arizona.

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