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When Leander Jordan and Paul Settles enlist in the Union army, they each carry deep and dangerous secrets. And when they meet in a Union hospital, they begin to discover each other’s secrets and form a bond that will prove impossible to break. That bond will give them both the courage to survive the war as well as to recognize the importance of family, loyalty, and love. Kathy Cannon Wiechman’s debut novel—told in two voices—powerfully transports readers to the homes, waterways, camps, hospitals, and prisons of the Civil War. An extensive author’s note comments on the book’s research and includes archival images.


“Wiechman delivers a realistic portrayal of the gritty details of prison camp conditions as Paul witnesses many soldiers succumb to infected wounds, disease, and malnutrition… the book has strong merit as accurate historical fiction.” – Publishers Weekly

“The rich language and artful imagery will stay with readers long after finishing the last page… This joins other great middle grade novels about the Civil War… A truly excellent first purchase for all fans of historical fiction who enjoy a hint of romance.” – School Library Journal 

* “Wiechman's abundant research is unobtrusively folded into the tale. An excellent author's note provides further information about the times. Though the horrors of Andersonville and various Civil War-era events such as the Battle of Atlanta, Lincoln's assassination and the explosion of the steamboat Sultana provide wartime context, it's the secrets woven into the well-paced tale that will pull readers eagerly to the tearful conclusion. A superb Civil War tale of friendship, loyalty and what it means to be a man.” – Kirkus Reviews, starred review 

Meet the Author

Kathy Cannon Wiechman

Kathy Cannon Wiechman’s debut novel, Like a River: A Civil War Novel was published by Calkins Creek (Spring 2015) and earned a Kirkus star and the 2015 Grateful American Book Prize. She lives with her family in Cincinnati, Ohio. Visit

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