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14 to 17
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5.38" x 8.25"
Front Street
ISBN-13: 978-1-93242-592-5

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Luke can’t sleep. And even when he’s awake, everything is a haze; he can’t engage. The senior exams are approaching, and he hasn’t finished the writing folder for Ms. Brennan. Worse yet, his mother doesn’t understand what’s wrong and his sister Molly has begun to hate him. And Luke’s dad, well, he hasn’t spoken to Luke in months. Mrs. Lewis is right: Luke is in the top intelligence bracket of the population--he should be sailing through school.As Luke slowly and unwillingly disengages from everyone he loves, he has one consolation: if he can prove to himself that the train that he alone hears at night is real--that the night train exists--then maybe his problems are not all in his head.


"A believable, gripping story, unrelenting and tragic." --Kirkus Reviews

Meet the Author

Judith Clarke

Judith Clarke was born in Sydney, Australia, and lives in Melbourne. She is the author of many award-winning books for young adults, including Kalpana’s Dream, Wolf on the Fold, Night Train, and Friend of My Heart.

“The best job I ever had,” says Judith, “was as a tea-lady in a Sydney radio station. The worst was as governess/minder/parole officer of two teenagers whose parents had gone away (escaped?) for the long summer holidays.”

“I never made a conscious decision to be a writer; I never saw it as a profession or career. Writing was something I began doing when I was a child in the western suburbs of Sydney in the 1950s… All of the kids in my neighborhood were boys, and though they let my sister and I play with them, they pinched our marbles and comics and bashed us up. Writing stories was less dangerous.”

Kalpana's Dream (Front Street, 2004)
Boston Globe-Horn Book Honor Book in Fiction and Poetry

Wolf on the Fold (Front Street, 2002)
Children's Books of the Year Awards Winner-Children's Book Council of Australia

Night Train (Holt, 2000)
Children's Books of the Year Awards Honor, Older Readers
—Children's Book Council of Australia
Victorian Premier's Literary Awards Winner,
Young Adult Fiction-State Library of Victoria, Australia

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