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ISBN-13: 978-1-93242-536-9

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For fourteen-year-old Josh, the village of Ryan Creek, settled by his great-grandfather, is a jungle--completely different from Melbourne, where he was born and raised. And the people he meets in Ryan Creek--his eccentric Aunt Clara, the two O'Connor boys and their beautiful sister Betsy, Laura and Harry Jones--are not only baffling but dangerous. Josh does everything wrong here. A dreamer and a poet, he is also strong-willed and uncompromising in his principles. His encounters with the young people of Ryan Creek during his three-day visit begin with mutual bewilderment and confusion and move inexorably to an explosion of violence.

Meet the Author

Ivan Southall

Ivan Southall was born in Melbourne and grew up in the suburb of Surrey Hills. He started writing his first book when he was 14 and by the age of 20 had written four books, three of which were revised and published after World War II. During the war Southall served in the RAAF, based in England. At the end of the war he worked in England as a war historian for the RAAF. On his return to Australia he became a full-time writer, supplementing his income from farming his property in the Dandenong Ranges. Since 1950 he has written about 60 books, mostly for young people, and his books have been translated and published in 23 languages.

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