How Do You Say I Love You, Dewey Dew?

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4 to 8
P to 2
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11" x 9"
Boyds Mills Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-62979-497-6
Full-color illustrations

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About the Book


Click-Clack Waddle-Waddle Dot-Dot Dewey Dew is back in this sequel to Time For (Earth) School, Dewey Dew. Dewey is starting to love life on Earth, and he'd be happy to tell everyone, but there's just one problem: he can't pronounce the word love. This makes things difficult, especially when a classmate teases him. With the help of his understanding classmates and his teacher, Dewey finally succeeds in declaring his love for Earth and his friends.


“Mack's pencil, watercolor, and digital illustrations work in tandem with Staub's marvelously inventive language to ensure readers understand Dewey's Eighty-N words. And the characters' facial expressions and posture speak volumes all on their own. A powerful message about the support of friends and defusing a bully wrapped in a sweet Valentine tale.” - Kirkus Reviews  

Meet the Author

Leslie Staub

Leslie Staub is the author of Time for (Earth) School, Dewey Dew and How Do You Say I Love You, Dewey Dew?. She is also the author and illustrator of Bless This House, and has illustrated various titles including Lee Bennett Hopkins' Lives: Poems About Famous Americans and Mem Fox's Whoever You Are.

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Meet the Illustrator

Jeff Mack

Jeff Mack is the illustrator of multiple picture books, including Bunnicula and Friends and Hurry! Hurry! He has also written and illustrated many picture books, chapter books, and early readers, including Clueless McGee, Good News Bad News, and the Hippo and Rabbit series. He lives in Easthampton, Massachusetts. Visit

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