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Kata, a ninja, embarks on her first solo mission to enter a warlord’s castle and make sure that a certain sleeping occupant never awakens. When Kata discovers that her target is a young boy and that her new accomplice is that boy’s slightly older sister, she suddenly realizes her mission is much more complicated than she thought. Faced with taking someone’s life or confronting the dire consequences of failure, Kata must make a hard choice, one that leads her into a more dangerous battle than she ever expected. In this coming-of-age novel, Kata discovers that while a ninja must always act alone, humanity requires accepting the trust and friendship of others.


"A girl's first mission as a ninja is complicated by a pair of young siblings and dangerous Japanese spirits.... Thomson has created heroines who are opposites yet manage to use their strengths to take control of their lives under the social restraints of their time…. Edge-of-your-seat action that will have both girls and boys rooting for the girl ninjas." —Kirkus Reviews

“Genuinely thrilling, with surprises at every turn and a solid emotional core, this is just the thing for Percy Jackson fanatics thirsty for more, more, more.” Booklist

“In feudal Japan, orphan Kata was not attractive enough to become a courtesan so she was grateful that Madame Chiyome chose her to train as a “deadly flower”—a ninja. Now, at fifteen, Kata’s first mission is to assassinate someone in the warlord’s castle…. Nonstop action, interesting characters, and a journey into another time and culture make this novel worthy…” —VOYA Magazine 

“Kata is a "deadly flower," a trained ninja who works alone and can take care of herself. She is fully prepared for her first solo assignment, until she learns she is to be an assassin…. The story unfolds with many twists and turns that keep readers intrigued… a great combination of adventure, fantasy, and horror, with two strong heroines who form an unlikely alliance. A great story that is perfect for readers who are interested in ninjas and other warriors.” —School Library Journal

Meet the Author

Sarah L. Thomson

Sarah L. Thomson has written everything from picture books to young adult novels. The Dragon’s Son, a young adult novel, was a JLG selection, earned two starred reviews, and was on VOYA’s Best Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror list; Dragon’s Egg was a JLG selection and a Maine Lupine Award winner. She lives in Portland, Maine. Visit

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