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2 to 6
K to 1
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8.5" x 11"
Boyds Mills Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-62979-442-6
Full-color illustrations
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About the Book


Bear wishes he could fly. He wants to swoop and glide and feel the wind in his fur. Yet no matter how hard he flaps his arms, he can’t get off the ground. Goose and Fox offer support, but Bear remains earthbound—until he hears music. Suddenly, Bear is gliding and swooping and light on his feet. In Suzanne Bloom’s lovable story, the seventh in the popular Goose and Bear series, Bear discovers that not getting what you want isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, it may lead to something surprising.


"Bloom’s soft pastel artwork handily captures both the warmth of this three-way friendship and the wind in Bear’s fur—while he cuts a rug." —Publishers Weekly

"The splendid friends boogie down… Both at the start and later on, big, fantastically shaggy Bear really cuts the rug in Bloom's elementally simple pastels… Bear in particular takes a star turn in the loving trio's latest welcome outing." —Kirkus Reviews

"Adorably funny and full of mischief, these beloved characters are sure to have children giggling…. (t)his book is perfect as a read-aloud as well as for one-on-one sharing." —School Library Journal 

Meet the Author

Suzanne Bloom

Suzanne Bloom is the author-illustrator of the ever-popular Goose and Bear series, including the Geisel Honor-winning A Splendid Friend, Indeed, as well as many books outside the series, such as The Bus for Us, A Mighty Fine Time Machine, and A Number Slumber. She was an illustrator before she became a writer, and she loves to visit schools.

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