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2 to 5
P to K
Trim Size:
8.5" x 11"
Boyds Mills Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-62091-736-7
Full-color illustrations

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About the Book


Sometimes Bear likes quiet time by himself. But his friend Fox has a very different idea of what “quiet” means. Can Bear’s quiet aloneness and Fox’s noisy togetherness ever result in a satisfying compromise? This simple and endearing story about friends learning to understand each other’s differences is filled with Suzanne Bloom’s gentle humor and trademark pastel illustrations.


* ". . . Short on words and long on expressive artwork--a charming addition to a winning series for little ones." Kirkus Reviews, starred review

" . . . Bloom sets the action against a placid blue backdrop, and there's plenty of subdued comedy in her fuzzy pastel portraits of Fox, Bear, and Goose, who eventually wanders over to be "alone together" with the other two. It's a pleasant reminder that friendship takes all kinds..." Publishers Weekly

" . . . This title offers a winning combination of earnestness and flippancy, sweetness, and saltiness. Readers will gain insight into the rewards of contemplation and quiet. The book will inspire rich discussions about what it means to be alone and together and what the experience of "alone togetherness" might mean for friends." School Library Journal

Meet the Author

Suzanne Bloom

Suzanne Bloom is the author-illustrator of the ever-popular Goose and Bear series, including the Geisel Honor-winning A Splendid Friend, Indeed, as well as many books outside the series, such as The Bus for Us, A Mighty Fine Time Machine, and A Number Slumber. She was an illustrator before she became a writer, and she loves to visit schools.

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