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Calkins Creek
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Twelve-year-old orphan Rory Fitzpatrick lives with her younger sister Violet at New York City’s Foundling Hospital in the early 1900s. But when Rory discovers that Violet will be sent to the Arizona Territory to be adopted, her world is shattered. Although too old to be adopted herself, Rory—brave and smart—is determined to stay with her sister, even if it means hiding out on a train traveling west. When Rory and Violet arrive in Arizona, everything that could go wrong does go wrong. Will Rory give up? This uplifting novel about the power of faith and the true meaning of family launches the Hidden Histories series, spotlighting little-known tales from America’s past, and the children behind those stories. Includes authors’ note and further resources.


" . . . Readers will enjoy the fast-paced action and likable main character. Based on a true story and an actual event that took place in 1904, this is a historical novel with a unique topic and plenty of substance, making it especially suitable for class or group discussion." --School Library Journal

"MacColl and Nichols team up for the first title in the new Hidden Histories series, which spotlights lesser-known historical moments. . . intrepid Rory is a likable protagonist with determination and heart, all of which will endear her to readers. . ." --Booklist

"This first in the Hidden Histories series of middle-grade novels highlights an episode in which New York City's Foundling Hospital sent white youth to unfamiliar Arizona Territory to be adopted by Mexican Catholics, raising the ire of Protestant Anglos and revealing the depths of their prejudice. . . The injustice, drama and action will have readers riveted. . . an exciting, eye-opening read." --Kirkus Reviews

Meet the Author

Michaela MacColl

Michaela MacColl is the award-winning writer of several historical fiction novels, including Always Emily, Nobody’s Secret, Prisoners in the Palace, and Promise the Night, and the co-author of Rory’s Promise and Freedom’s Price. She has degrees in multidisciplinary history from Vassar College and Yale University. She and her family live in Westport, Connecticut.

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Rosemary Nichols

Rosemary Nichols’s first novel was Rory’s Promise with Michaela MacColl. She lives in Watervliet, New York. Visit

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