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The only imprint in children's publishing in America dedicated to poetry, Wordsong captures the vibrant, unexpected, emotional connections between text and young readers. Our books range from the silly to the serious and are infused with the wordplay and imagery that allow readers to view the world in new and thoughtful ways.

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An Egret's Day

"Varied in form, the spare, well-crafted poems make excellent use of simile and metaphor ...The beautifully lit and composed photographs offer memorable images of the birds and their wetland habitat."     —Booklist

Praise for Well Defined

The June 2009 issue of Voice of Youth Advocates features a review of Michael Salinger's Well Defined:

"Salinger, a performance poet, offers short, funny and readable poems in this slim volume, which aims to help students with vocabulary words often found on standardized tests. ... Adding to the humor are Henderson’s—creator of the Magic Whistle comic book series—simple line illustrations. ... The poems are as well-intentioned as they are well-written."

Pumpkin Butterfly

"Far from any solemn reverential view of nature, the poems are filled with fun action that is always rooted in physicality, whether it is shooting a cherry pit missile out of the park (“spitwhistle summerfun home run”) or making frozen angels in the snow."     —Booklist