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Honey Badgers

Ages: 4 and up
Pages: 32
List Price: $16.95
Cover: Hardcover
Published: 4/1/2007
ISBN: 1-932425-51-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-932425-51-2
“I get along well with honey badgers," says the protagonist of this story. After all, the young boy was raised by a pair of them. Protected by his adoptive parents, who represent the most fearless species on the planet, this boy has nothing to fear as he eats (only flowers) and drinks (spring water) and sleeps (in a den) and plays (with kites made of ferns). In this nonsensical picture book, first-time author Jamison Odone navigates a boldly wild and unabashedly strange style. Radiant, exotic, spooky illustrations highlight the illogical sequence of the protagonist's narrative statements that explain his bizarre life.


"Odone's debut book makes a deep bow to Maurice Sendak, with its somber palette and heavily crosshatched, pen-and-ink and watercolor wash illustrations. But the affectionate, dreamy text is his own. ...Visual references to myth (empty boats), fallen civilizations (Mayan stone sculptures), and wealth and education (velvet drapes and leather-bound books) give the story elegant resonance without weighing it down. ...Odone, tapping into a powerful vein of fantasy (what child would not rush to move into a cozy den with two gentle, furry parents?) has created the kind of book certain children will cling to, years after they abandon the rest of their picture book collections."
     —Publishers Weekly