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Lions, Tigers, and Bears

Ages: 7-10
Pages: 32
List Price: $16.95
Cover: Hardcover
Published: 9/1/2007
ISBN: 1-59078-435-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-59078-435-8
Large, fierce, and often dangerous predators might seem the best survivors. They have superior strength, great speed, and high levels of intelligence. If they are so well equipped, why are they among the rarest of animals and the most threatened by human activity? To answer these questions, Ron Hirschi and Thomas Mangelsen introduce young readers to some of the earth's most spectacular predators: cougar, polar bear, lion, cheetah, tiger, grizzly bear, and killer whale. They examine the animals' past and present, and speculate on their future. In a lively and informative text, Ron Hirschi takes a look at the world in which these animals live, the environmental challenges they face, and what biologists and other people around the globe are doing to help these majestic animals survive. With spectacular photographs by Tom Mangelsen, Lions, Tigers, and Bears offers a realistic--and hopeful—look at earth's great predators.


"The glossy full-color photos, strong conservation message and the selection of familiar and appealing predators will invite browsing by nature enthusiasts."
     —Kirkus Reviews

"Hirschi’s approach is gentle and engaging, but the urgency of his message is not lost–these animals need human help. ...Hirschi offers a page on how to help these large beasts; readers are directed to Web sites for each animal. ...Mangelsen’s crisp color photographs are beautifully composed and heart-grabbing. ...This book about a timely topic is a first purchase."
     —School Library Journal

"In this attractive, wide-format book, Hirschi discusses seven large predators and why they are currently endangered. ...About half the space is devoted to excellent color photos, which show up well on the heavy, glossy pages. Hirschi’s informative text introduces the animals and discusses how they live, what they need to thrive, and what elements are endangering them at present. ...A handsome volume. "

From Audubon Magazine reviewer Julie Leibach:

In Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Ron Hirschi profiles seven top carnivores, providing background on their ecology, threats to their survival, and, when he can, hope. ... Majestic photographs taken by Thomas D. Mangelsen (whose work has appeared in Audubon and National Geographic) reveal the beauty behind the bulk and fangs."